Design Considerations

Before you start renovating you kitchen, there are multiple elements that have to be decided upon just as important as the look and feel of the interior. Our project consultants are here to assist with everything from improving the layout of the kitchen to balancing your project budget. They will ensure you'll get the latest appliances, durable material surfaces and of course providing you a variety of design and material options.

When redesigning the layout of your major appliances, take into consideration how you use your appliances to make your time in the kitchen more easy flowing. Updates in technology have increased the options you have with fridges and freezers which can take more space then your older model. Additionally water connections are sometimes required if you select special features like a water purifier or ice machine. 

If you are adding additional plumbing this might be an opportunity to relocate your existing sink to an island or less central location as dishwashers are the preferred choice for cleaning. Our designers often recommend adding a utility sink that is conveniently located near work surfaces making vegetable cleaning a breeze. 

One last way water is making kitchens more comfortable is directly in the floor. Hydro-heating can be laid under the new tile floor giving off direct heat reducing the need for your h-vac system to work hard. The increased demand in hydro-infloor heating has made this a more economical solution then ever before.

 Talk to a DK&M tile specialist to learn more about how kitchens are evolving. In the next entry we will talk about storage solutions and where there's space hiding all over your home.