Kitchen Hacks Pt 1: Design

If you're on a tight budget and not sure how to spend your money effectively, you've come to the right spot. We've racked up our top 5 kitchen design hacks for when you want to change something up but you're not ready for a full kitchen renovation. Grab your notebook and pen and let's get started. 

1. Add a mirror

Have a small kitchen? Think about adding a mirror to give the illusion of a open, free space without having to de-clutter or expand the size of your kitchen.


2. Hang a light

Re-purpose a basket or grab something from the DIY section of the Internet giving your kitchen a custom and unique look. Your guest will be in awe and amazement, making this the focus point of your kitchen.  


3. Teapot

Found a vintage teapot over the weekend and not sure how to up-cycle it? Put a coat of spray paint on it and add some flowers. Now you have a place to put flowers when that special someone wants to apologize for something. 


4. Marble Contact Paper

If your counter tops are withering away and you can't afford a complete upgrade at the moment. Marble contact paper is the perfect temporary fix. 


5. Wallpaper in place of Backsplash

If you know you can prevent a mess on your walls in your kitchen. Opt for wallpaper instead of a backsplash tile. While you're at it, cover up the outlets to make them blend into the wall.